Memories, moods, intimacy, estrangement, wonderment, excitement, shock—I see these as layers of emotion or waves that wash over us.  
They can have a profound effect or be barely noticeable. But nevertheless they leave a mark.
This concept of seeing how change takes place when you add layers on top of a foundation has translated to my print making.
I continually alter my original plate and then layer the results on top of original image. I go back to that same plate as many as four or five times layering over the print each time.  In this way I can manipulate the existing shapes or colors, create new emphasis, direction or character.

Additionally I can change the look or balance of a piece by adding “pasted papers”.
This kind of manipulation or overprinting gives me a sense of excitement owing to the inherent risks in going back to the press so many times. The resulting surprise is one of the thrills of printmaking.  

A natural progression of this approach has been to move on to painting on paper without the intervening step of using a press. I use a similar method by overlaying a combination of India ink, etching inks and/or oil or acrylic paints often with the addition of an overlay of "pasted papers". Surprises abound.
Barbara Shapiro

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